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I was sceptical at first about Hypnosis, but having it explained and now from my experience, I would recommend it to anyone having sleep issues.

I have suffered with insomnia for years, but having been introduced to hypnosis, my sleep has improved greatly.  

AG, Market Harborough


Absolutely fantastic! I smoked 20 a day for 22 years after one session I am day 5 as a non smoker with no withdrawal cravings.

I highly recommended this service, such relaxation during, and help with follow up if needed. I couldn't be any happier or any more thankful, I have my health back again!

JW, Birmingham

Just finished another hypnotherapy session with Bob. We've been working on a few of my stress related habits. Needed another session to help solidify the management of my alternative positive habits. Came out of the session feeling really relaxed. We have had some success with my migraines too and I've learnt some self management tools to help me manage my pain. Really happy with the progress we're making so far.

JM, Melton Mowbray


I have not been smoking for 3 weeks now I found Bob helpful and I am looking forward to remaining a non-smoker.

JH,  Birmingham

Having struggled with the strange phenomenon of 'dartitis' for many years, the inability to let go of a dart, I had a hypnosis session with Bob.  Since that session, I think about some of the things he instilled in me, and not only did he help restore my ability to release my darts, I am also able to apply these things to other walks of life to gain confidence when I feel I need it

PR, Ashby

...not smoking any more, enjoying the feeling of better health...thanks again for your help

JP, Leicester


I have suffered with generalised anxiety all of my life and it steadily became worse as I got older. I had tried all avenues over the years - the doctor, counselling, tablets, self help books etc.  None of them worked.  I had a hypnosis session with Bob 3 months ago. Since then my anxiety has decreased dramatically and now only rears its ugly head sporadically. I am arranging another session with Bob to banish it completely.  I can only say one thing about Bob's skills - life changing! 

PM, Louth

After seeing Bob and talking to him about how the brain / subconscious mind works by sending unwanted information about pain to the brain, I now have a better understanding about how to control my pain.  It was the most pain free I have felt in many years.

I still go through the process of telling myself that, “I have no use for pain and discomfort and I don’t need pain and discomfort”, whenever I feel my pain returning and I’m still feeling the benefits. Thank you Bob.

SS, Market Harborough

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